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Division East x Frontside

Grudge Album

Grudge Album

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We're honored to reissue an album by the truly unique voice in hip hop and dearly missed friend, Tame One. 

The year is 2007, Fresh off collaborations with the likes of El P, Cage, and the Weathermen, Tame One - one half of the Newark duo The Artifacts, was approached by a Montclair skateboard shop Division East, as he personified their East Coast new school culture of skating, graffiti, and MCing. This relationship gave way to Division East Records and their first full length release entitled The Grudge. Despite its merits and the efforts of those involved. The album went largely unheard outside of NJ hip hop circles. Call it a casualty of the post-CD/pre-streaming musical landscape of the early 00’s. Now 17 years later and almost 2 years after his heartbreaking transition. Issued for the time on purple vinyl, Tame One’s The Grudge.


  • A forward by “Manager Ma” Darlene Harris (Tame’s Mom)
  • Artwork by Maliq Griffin aka DJ Porno (Tame’s long time collaborator and friend) 
  • Remastered production by Shape, Mishap and others.
  • An unreleased Stretch Armstrong HOT 97 freestyle ft. Redman and Rah Digga
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